Skilled Representation For Sophisticated Property Matters

The most successful real estate counsel combines legal and local knowledge with sharp negotiation and communication skills. At Stone, Leyton & Gershman, we have represented corporate, institutional and individual clients in a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions since our founding in 1988. Our attorneys draw on this experience, as well as their own development background, to provide comprehensive and thoughtful counsel. We deliver creative solutions that produce optimal results in development, zoning, eminent domain and related matters.

Comprehensive Assistance For Real Estate Development

Our attorneys have substantial backgrounds in all types of real estate development. We understand and appreciate the broad scope of issues presented by all real estate development matters, large or small, including:

  • Acquisition — Our lawyers can manage the purchase or sale of property from start to finish, reviewing title and identifying potential problems that other less experienced attorneys might miss.
  • Financing instruments — Sophisticated financing for purchasing and construction constitutes a large part of real estate development. We have extensive experience in advocating for tax increment financing (TIF), community improvement districts (CID), transportation development districts (TDD) and Brownfield Tax Credits. We can prepare and negotiate advantageous financing for projects of any size.
  • Lease agreements — Net leases and other commercial lease agreements often require detailed knowledge and counsel tailored to the parties involved. Stone, Leyton & Gershman helps clients formulate and execute leases that meet each side’s specific needs.
  • Construction issues — We assist with the legal and regulatory work that most often precedes commercial development construction.

We represent property owners, developers and municipalities, so our lawyers can give you a complete overview of your project.

Practical Advocacy For Zoning And Land Use Issues

When you’re attempting to secure a favorable zoning or land use decision, knowledge of the code is not enough. Stone, Leyton & Gershman can explain the relevant rules, codes and regulations, and perhaps more important, we’re also familiar with the lead decision-makers and government bodies in the area.

Analysis And Negotiation Of Commercial Transactions

For complicated commercial property transactions, the details can seem endless. We represent large companies and individuals in all types of real estate deals. Because we have development experience, our lawyers can provide comprehensive feedback on the merits of the transaction so that you can negotiate from a fully informed position. As discussions reach the contract stage, we will represent your interests with professionalism and explain each right and obligation in terms you can understand.

Detailed Advice For Eminent Domain Proceedings

Over the last decade, eminent domain has been a contentious topic in courtrooms and the court of public opinion. This has led to stricter requirements for condemnations in many jurisdictions and the creation of public offices to represent the interests of property owners. Detailed preparation from the outset is necessary to effectuate a successful eminent domain proceeding. Our attorneys can advise you on what needs to be done at each step and your likelihood of success.

Put Unparallelled Experience On Your Side

Our firm represents individuals and companies in real estate and other commercial transactions and litigation throughout the St. Louis area and southern Illinois. To schedule a meeting with a lawyer, contact our firm online or call 314-721-7011.